Nobody Said it was Easy

... no one ever said it would be this hard

I'm str8 up Gangsta
18 February 1989
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I'm Ellie

I'm Black and really Emo

I have a greattt boyfriend his name is Paymon..and hes persian which is sexy I love him very much- always will, hes the best thing thats happend to me since goin to public school. hes my baby. I have an obssession with the Backstreet Boys and I am always on the computer. I'm a lil speed demon and have almost caused a few accidents driving low key tho. but i really am a good driver tho.I've only got 1 ticket. I could eat twizzlers all day. I love tanning and laying out. Kissing is fun. Making out is even funner. I'm a hug whore. I love pjs and being a lazy ass. I'm slowly startin to like country music..why..idk. I hate annoying people and stupid groupie girls.

I'm one of the COOLEST people you could ever interact with.

Holla-back nigga